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    We have the resources and track record for securing the justice our clients deserve.

The People You Want on Your Team

Rory Law and his team approach each case based on the facts, the law and a large dose of creativity.  What’s the secret to the firm’s impressive record?  Excellent communication between team members and the client.  We take an individualized approach to each case, educating our clients on the specifics of the law and how it applies to their case and their options.  Then we sit down together and share the best strategy we suggest for a positive outcome.

Whether you work for a small company or the largest of corporations, we have the resources and track record to secure the justice you deserve.  Perhaps you’re not even sure whether the way you’re being treated is actually unlawful.  We invite you to contact us and we’ll discuss your situation at no cost.  We have experience with almost every type of unlawful unfair treatment in the workplace.  We can help you too.

Learn about the types of cases we handle:

Sexual Harassment

Perhaps you feel you’ve been treated inappropriately.  You might feel nervous and afraid if your harasser is your manager or the owner of the company where you work.  We’ll assist your through this delicate matter and get you as much money as the civil justice system permits.


If you have been treated unfairly in the workplace, Rory Law is there for you through all stages of litigation.  You can rely on our unparalleled experience to help protect your rights and hold responsible those who have harmed you.  We may even be able to hold your employer responsible for punitive damages.


We take great pride in our extensive understanding of the laws that govern how employers treat their employees.  With careful and thoughtful consideration, we’ll take an individualized approach to your case and explore all your options.  We’ll ensure you recover as much money as the law provides for your lost wages and emotional harm.  We may also be able to hold your employer responsible for punitive damages.


Your conscience tells you to do the right thing—report issues of wrongdoing or illegal activity at your company.  If you haven’t reported the situation yet, come see us and we’ll help you protect yourself against potential whistleblower retaliation.  If you’ve already been a victim of retaliation, we can help you recover compensation for your lost reputation, lost earnings, fear, anxiety, and emotional harm.

Breach of Contract

Our many years of contract breach experience permit us to quickly identify and communicate the range of legal options available to you.  Whether the result is arbitration, mediation, or litigation, we’ll drill down on your set of facts to maximize your recovery.

Wage Theft

If you work, you deserve the wages you earned—pure and simple!  We have won numerous cases against employers who have not paid their employees in accordance with the law.  Allow us to hold your employer responsible for all the remainder due to you under the law.

Unpaid Commissions

Here at Rory Law, we believe if you have earned a commission, it should be paid to you—not some of it, but all of it.  If your employer has attempted to rewrite the rules after sales have been made, or has denied you what’s yours, give us a call.


Success with fraud litigation requires precise knowledge of business law, as well as a steadfast approach to research and investigation.  Our attorneys have an outstanding track record of wins in this area.  You can rely on our team to work attentively and tirelessly toward your specific goals.