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Truck accidents are the most catastrophic kinds of accidents that happen on the road due to their size, speed and the load they tend to carry. Big rigs, semi-trucks or 18 wheelers are known to cause serious injuries and in many cases death to the occupants of other, generally smaller (passenger) cars. Passenger vehicles like cars, SUV’s, minivans and two wheelers generally motorcycles cannot withstand the weight and impact of trucks in case they are involved in an accident with a truck. Rory Law is the attorney to contact in case you or one of your loved ones or even someone known to you has been involved in a truck accident. With years of legal practice and delivering the best compensation to its clients Rory Law ensures to investigate, negotiate and litigate your case to get you the best compensation from the parties that have been directly or indirectly responsible for the accident.

Truck Accidents need to be handled differently

Truck accidents are a bit different from normal accidents since the liability of the compensation might not fall on the driver directly. In normal accidents it is generally deduced that one of the drivers in the crash was at fault. In accidents involving a truck the onus of responsibility of the accident might lie on the truck driver, truck owner, and manufacturer of the truck or even on the organization which was responsible for loading material into the truck. Thus various entities can be held responsible for a truck accident which makes the litigation for a truck accident a bit complex and needs an experienced attorney like Rory law. While litigating for compensation involving a truck accident the fault of the truck driver or trucking company or truck owner needs to be proven.

Human / Driver Fault

Truck drivers might cause an accident driving negligently in an intoxicated condition after having alcohol or drugs. Driving under influence of drugs and alcohol makes it impossible for the truck driver to maneuver and control the vehicle. Judgment of driving is severely hampered.

There are many truck drivers on the road who just start driving a truck without proper training and licensing which is another cause of truck accidents. Such drivers will speed where road conditions do not allow trucks to go beyond a certain speed limit, they might ignore traffic signals and jump traffic lights which becomes too dangerous for pedestrians and other small vehicles on the road.

A driver might be distracted from the road while using his radio or mobile phone will be held responsible for an accident caused by his distraction.

Company Fault

The trucking company might be at fault in case it is stretching the driving hours of truck drivers beyond the limit as fixed by the regulatory authorities. In case the trucking company is not providing the mandatory rest period for the driver and is not allowing proper breaks in between drives the company will be held responsible for the accident caused by a truck driver.

Truck maintenance and repair standards need to be maintained by the trucking company and the company that is responsible for repair and maintenance of the truck. If the cause of accident is failure of machinery because of non-maintenance or faulty repairs the trucking company or the organization responsible for repair and maintenance will be held responsible for the truck accident.

Every truck has a weight restriction. It has a maximum weight that can be loaded on to it. If the weight exceeds more than the optimum weight the company which has loaded the material into it might be held accountable for the accident and the subsequent compensation that needs to be paid.

Fixing liability in a truck accident is very crucial since the whole case rests on that and Rory Law knows very well how and on whom to fix the responsibility of an accident.

Things you need to do in case you are involved in a truck accident

First and foremost seek medical attention even you think you have minor injuries or bruises you need to be with a doctor as soon as possible after the accident.

You need to call in the law enforcing agencies and tell them your side of the story. In all probabilities the truck driver will deny any wrong doing on his part. You don’t have to argue with the truck driver. Just make sure that your statement is recorded by the police and you obtain a written copy of the same.

Get in contact with Rory Law and tell them the whole situation. If in between the insurance company contacts you and gives you an offer for the compensation check with Rory Law in case you qualify for a higher amount. Odds are high that the insurance company will offer you much less than you deserve.

Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance adjustor as you are under no obligation to do that and any statement that you give might be used against you in court afterwards which might go against you.

Rory Law your partner in fight for justice

Once Rory Law has completed its investigation, pleaded your case in the court of law you can expect being compensated for any medical care deemed necessary. The cost of repairing your damaged vehicle in the truck collision. In case your vehicle is totaled you might get a replacement vehicle. Lost wages and earning power might be compensated. Any emotional pain and suffering you might have undergone during the accident or while fighting out for your rights will be compensated once there is a decision in your favor. Wrongful death will also be compensated accordingly once the liability of the accident has been fixed.

A person’s life involved in a truck accident is put our of gear since involvement in a truck accident might mean traumatic injuries which might include concussions and brain tearing. Spinal injuries might take place because of the impact which might paralyze the body. Facial and ocular damage is a common scenario in truck accidents. Broken and fractured bones, in some cases amputations might take place along with internal bleeding and internal organ damage. Rory Law will ensure you are compensated for all your body and financial damages you have suffered while being in a truck accident.

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