Personal Injury Lawyer Chula Vista

Rory Law has been representing and aiding clients for their claims of personal injury by our Personal Injury Lawyer in Chula Vista for a number of years. A workplace injury, a motor vehicle accident, dog attacks, slip and falls in a commercial or personal premises leading to injuries; sometimes minor and many times major qualify for a personal injury claim. These personal injuries might sometimes cause a wrongful death of an individual who has people depending on him or her for financial emotional and other needs.

An accident is a result of negligence on the part of a person or an agency that failed to deliver their duty responsibly. Their insurance company will for sure contact the person or the dependents of the person injured or killed in the accident to make them settle for a smaller amount, however Rory Law will make sure to protect your rights and get you the amount that you deserve for the injuries or the loss of a family member. Although the loss of a family member cannot be compensated still the financial difficulties that a family or loved ones are going to face because of the absence of a family member can be minimized by Rory Law.

It might seem tempting to go all alone and negotiate with the insurance company to settle the claim however you need to understand that the insurance company will keep their interest above your interests; apart from that insurance companies are backed by professional negotiators and legal help. You might be intimidated by the insurance company for a smaller amount than what you actually deserve.

It is important to consult and make sure that you have Rory Law on your side in case you or one of your loved one is involved in an accident to ensure a claim that does justice to you and meets your expenses you have incurred on your medical treatment, lost money because of absence from work along with covering a bit of your immense emotional trauma that generally sets in after an injury.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Workplace Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck/Commercial Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Bus, Taxi and Public Transit Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability, Catastrophic Injury, Wrongful death, Dog Bites