Personal Injury Lawyer Lemon Grove

Rory Law – the best personal injury lawyer in Lemon Grove is someone you need to contact in case you or one of your loved one’s has been injured in an accident in Lemon Grove. Personal injuries sustained in accidents because of the negligence of a person or agency might sometimes render a person disabled for life and in a few cases a person might even lose a life in case the injuries sustained are to the vital organs. Injuries sustained in an accident whether big or small need to be compensated by the insurance provider of the person agency whose negligent behavior has caused the accident.

Generally insurance companies avoid paying the actual compensation deserved by the victim of a personal injury or the victim of a wrongful death since the compensation might run into millions of dollars and they try to coax the victim or his family into accepting a compensation much lower than the compensation deserved by them. For this insurance companies take help from insurance adjusters who open the initial negotiations with the affected party. You need to be careful while negotiating with the insurance adjuster since whatever you talk or undertake might be used against you in case you decide to sue the insurance company later on. It is always advisable to let Rory Law do all the negotiation and paperwork in case you are dealing with a personal injury or a wrongful death.

Personal injury lawyers at Rory Law exhibit high standards of professionalism while ensuring a fair compensation for their clients. Personal injury lawyers at Rory Law help car accident victims, slip, and fall victims, truck accident victims; any injury that qualifies as a personal injury and families who have lost loved ones—seek financial compensation. Just make sure to seek medical help and get the police involved so that the accident is documented in records. You have two years to file a personal injury claim from the date of the accident in Lemon Grove. Call Rory Law on (619)344-8699, let them know about your accident and get a free first consultation from them before you go ahead seeking compensation for your injuries.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Workplace Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck/Commercial Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Bus, Taxi and Public Transit Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Premises Liability, Catastrophic Injury, Wrongful death, Dog Bites