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Riding a bicycle keeps you healthy; physically and financially while making sure to keep the air clean since it does not emit any pollutants and runs on your physical energy thus keeping you fit. However when you are on the road it is one of the most dangerous rides since you as a bicycle rider are using the road with much larger vehicles which have ample of protection around them. The only protection you have to your credit is a helmet which might be of no use in case one of the bigger vehicles hits you from behind, one of the side or even head on. There are many other reasons for a bicycle accident which might cause grave injuries to the rider in spite of the rider taking all care needed while riding his or her ride. In case you are riding a bicycle and get hit you need to contact Rory Law for make sure that you are amply compensated for the medical treatment and any financial losses you might have undergone after the accident.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer -

Types of Bicycle Accidents and injuries sustained

A cyclist might be hit from behind by a motorist – rear end accidents. This generally happens at night when the car or automobile driver is not able to see the bicycle or it might happen when the driver of the vehicle is high on drugs or alcohol and fails to apply brakes. A right cross might happen when a vehicle pulls out of a drive way, parking lot or an alley and pull right in front of the already moving bicycle causing the cyclist to hit the car or loosing balance and falling down. A car might also choose to turn right without any warning thus hitting the bicycle from the side.

Defects in the road are another big reason for bicycle accidents along with dog bites, bike chase and bicycle equipment failure which will be taken care of by Rory Law according to the rules and laws laid down in such cases.

A right hook might be the cause of a bicycle accident when a car decides to make a right turn quickly and fails to notice the bicycle traversing behind it. This might also happen when a bicyclist is crossing the road and a vehicle is taking a right turn. A car driver might open the car door abruptly when a cyclist is riding along and might get hit by the open door since maneuvering quickly is not an option in such a situation. A bicyclist qualifies for compensation in all these and many other situations where he has been hit by a car or any other vehicle since such accidents are known to cause grievous head and neck injuries, lacerations, bruises, bumps, skull and other fractures. These injuries might lead to brain trauma – confusion, difficulty in concentration, amnesia and a host of other behavioral, physical and emotional problems. Rory Law is one attorney who is going to stand by you and make sure that you are compensated to take care of your medical bills and the physical, emotional and financial trauma you might suffer.

How Rory Law the best attorney helps you in Bicycle Accidents

Rory Law having an excellent track record in terms of personal injury and bicycle accident cases will make sure that you are compensated amply to take care of yourself in case you have lost your job, limb or lost a loved one to one such accident. You just need to keep a track of all the medical expenses you have incurred on the hospital visits, medicines, your physical symptoms – any financial expenditure you have incurred because of the accident.

You need to seek medical help first and foremost in case you are involved in a bicycle accident, then contact the police and law enforcing agencies and if possible get details and pictures of the accident. Note down the registration number and any details that you can lay your hands upon in case you have been hit by a vehicle while riding a bicycle since this is going to come handy when Rory Law is talking to the insurance company or presenting your case before a judge in the court. Do not take any offer from the insurance company without talking and consulting Rory Law first.

Rory Law will make sure that the party at fault for the accident is held liable for the compensation you are entitled to receive. It might be the Motor vehicle manufacturers for unsafe auto design or the helmet manufacturer for low quality helmets, state and highway authorities for faulty or damaged roads, commercial property owners for unsafe parking lot, sidewalk or driveway conditions and of course the erring driver of the vehicle that might have hit you.

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