Car Accident Lawyers

Injuries in a car accident can be devastating for your physical, mental and financial health. A car accident where you are the victim might spell a chain of events where you are at the center of a lot of activities and in case you don’t hire an experienced car accident attorney your chances of getting the right compensation for yourself will take a beating.

In the very first place the driver of the offending vehicle will try to coax you not to report the accident to the police or to the insurance company. Next the insurance adjuster along with the insurance company of the offending car will try and get around you with a compensations that does not match your injuries and financial losses. Ultimately the attorney of the offending car’s insurance company will try and coax you to settle for a claim that suits the insurance company. With such pressure at every step from all corners you need to have a trusted strong and robust attorney – Rory Law; by your side to ensure that you retain your composure and fight it out with the offending driver and the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve.


Grounds for Car Accident claim

Your claim for compensation in case you are involved in a car accident will only be entertained if the other driver is at fault or has breached the duty of care. Duty of care is breached when a driver hits someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is driving while being distracted, is making illegal turns, fail to keep their vehicle safe, break the speed limit marked for that particular road or locality or are engaged in reckless and illegal behaviors.

Things to do when you meet an accident –

See a Doctor immediately since your injuries need to instant medical intervention unless they might turn into life threatening injuries for you. Follow your doctor’s instructions and do not go back to work unless and until your doctor gives you a green signal.

Call the police. In case you are not able to do it yourself ask someone to do it for you. Make sure the police officer who arrives on the scene writes up a detailed report of the car crash. Ask for a copy of the report from the officer since this is going to be used by attorneys from Rory Law once your case for claim enters the courtroom.

Collecting evidence is the most crucial part of the legal proceedings and you can do it yourself at the time of the car crash. Make sure to have the contact details of everyone who was involved in the car crash, the license plate of the offending driver. Click as many pictures from every possible angle you can of the car crash since this is going to help Rory Law in establishing the fault of the offending driver.

Do not admit liability since the insurance company and the insurance adjuster will try to intimidate you in accepting your liability and fault while driving or walking on the road. The insurance company and the insurance adjuster know the tricks and will try to extract a statement out of you that can be used as evidence against you in the courtroom to downplay your claim for compensation. Allow Rory Law to handle all the communication and negotiation on your behalf.

Call up Rory Law to make sure that you are in safe hands while dealing with the insurance company of the offending driver. Rory Law will make sure that you are evenly compensated for the medical expenses you have borne while undergoing treatment along with compensating you for the days you have been out of work.