Dog Bites

A dog is considered as a man’s best friends because of its ability to be tamed and domesticated. Dogs are considered to be the most faithful companions of human beings guarding their property and giving them company everywhere and anywhere. This is the best description for someone who owns a dog. However someone who has been bitten by a dog is bound to go through a lot of emotional, physical and financial trauma. This might result in piling medical expenses due to the treatment that will follow after a dog bite, loss of wages in case you need to miss work for a few days because of your medical treatment or the gravity of injuries sustained while you were bitten by a dog. Rory Law is one law firm that will help your overcome your financial hardships by making the owner of the dog to pay for the costs incurred by you on the treatment and the loss of pay you have suffered.

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Reason why a Dog has attacked you

Dogs although friendly might be intimidated by small acts of strangers or might be in a bad mood or might even be trained to be aggressive. A dog might feel the urge to protect his personal belongings like water, food, toys and his territory from you and bite you in the process of protecting it. The dog might feel that you are in a mood to attack or harm its owner and bite you to protect its owner which is its prime duty. The dog might be old, in a bad mood or might be aggressive when you come his way which leads to an attack on you. Some dogs might take a playful act to violence and bite adults and kids in the process. A sick and distressed dog might also attack an unsuspecting human being. These are a few reasons that can be attributed to dogs attacking human beings. However the gravity of attack sometimes becomes so severe that people have to undergo a lot of medical treatment and incur huge hospital bills along with the physical, emotional and mental trauma that comes with a dog bite.

Common Injuries sustained in a dog bite

A dog bite will surely lead to dermal abrasions, lacerations and punctures since the teeth of a dog are quite sharp and human body is no match when a dog decides to bite. Serious bites may even require skin grafting and plastic surgery in case the dog has attacked the face of the victim. Even when the dog bite looks harmless medical treatment is must since you are at a risk of contracting rabies. Apart from that in case you decide to sue the dog owner in future the medical history of yours when the dog bit you will be taken into consideration and compensation will be awarded accordingly.

More severe attacks from dogs might lead to fractures and broken bones. Dogs are natural hunters and will ensure to crush the bones of a human being who looks intimidating to them. Back and neck injuries which might lead to death have been reposted because of dog attacks. Small kids and seniors are more susceptible to dog attacks since they are easy victims.

Sprained legs and feet are common injuries in a dog bite especially among kids and seniors since they can be easily thrown and thrashed by large dogs. Dislocations among seniors due to a dog attack are quite severe and might be a cause of changed life style because of problem in walking or inability to so normal chores. Rory Law will make sure that you are compensated by the dog owner for the financial losses you have through.

Things to do when a dog bites you

In case you have been bitten by a dog the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention and treatment. Even if you are feeling fine after a dog bite it is important to go for medical treatment. Sometimes the gravity of the injury cannot be measured right after a dog attack however your doctor will help you to check for any serious injuries that you might have sustained in the course of defending yourself or the dog biting you.

The next step is to open communication with the dog owner to inform him of the dog bite, ask him if the dog has been vaccinated in a timely manner or not? Don’t blame the dog owner or the dog since that might flare up tempers; open the communication just to gather information. Check which breed the dog is and ask if the dog is habitually aggressive?

Talk to witnesses who have been there with you or standing around when the dog bit you. Seek their account and record it with you. Have a written record of the incident. If possible involve the local animal control affiliate and appraise him of the situation and the circumstances of the incident. They might file their own report which will be of help when you seek compensation in the court. Keep a record of all the medical treatment and the expenses you have incurred while undergoing treatment for the dog bite. Contact Rory Law and lay down the facts and turn of events that took place when you were attacked by the dog.

Rory Law’s role in getting justice in cases of Dog Bites

In case you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog contact Rory Law since they are the most reliable, experienced and resourceful law firm in San Diego who have helped a number of people get compensation for the medical treatment and loss of wages they have suffered and incurred after a dog bite. Rory Law has the reputation of delivering justice for the emotional and financial loss you have suffered after a dog bite.

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