Insurance Bad Faith

The business of insurance runs on good faith. You and your insurance company have an understanding that you are going to pay premium for the unforeseen events that might take place in future and the insurance company assures you of all the financial help that’s written there in the insurance policy. However sometimes insurance companies might deny you a claim or try and put hurdles in your way to make you settle for a lesser amount which than what you are entitled according to the contract that has been signed while purchasing the insurance policy.


Insurance is lucrative business for the insurance companies since they have a large pool of people who are pouring in money to protect them from unforeseen bad events however the events never happen and the insurance company keeps all the money since it had covered the risks. Many claims go unclaimed due to the ignorance of people who should have filed a claim. Above all the insurance company might deny the claim citing one or the reason.

In case you have covered your business, health, car, home or anything else from an insurance company by paying premiums at regular intervals and have filed a claim to get compensation for the financial losses you have suffered and in case the insurance company denies you your rightful claim then the insurance company is said to be acting in bad faith for which you need to contact Rory Law to claim your rightful compensation from the insurance company.

A situation when you have a strong case for insurance bad faith

When an insurance company refuses to pay a valid claim that has arisen from the insured entity.

When the insurance company or a representative of the insurance company attempts to settle the claim for far less what is reasonable according to the contract, written statements of the insurance company and the advertisements it has released.

When the insurance company tries to reduce the benefits in one component of the insurance policy because benefits have been paid in another component.

When an insurance company fails to cover for damages or refuses to pay money even if a valid claim has been submitted and the contract or policy is in force.

In case the insurance company does not furnish a valid reason for denial of coverage in a timely manner.

If the insurance company tries to mislead the insured or misinterprets the policy coverage with respect to what is actually covered and denies a claim on its basis.

An insurance company trying to influence a policy holder not to hire a lawyer.

An insurance company tries to intimidate or tries to scare the policy holder to accept a smaller settlement amount than what it actually needs to pay.

Check with Rory Law to get your well-deserved claim

Rory Law will make sure to sue your insurance company for the claim it has denied to settle in case it falls under the purview of bad faith. Since your insurance company will have a professional backup of legal experts and financial experts to undermine the claim you have filed according to your insurance policy Rory Law will be filing a breach of contract lawsuit against your insurance company. Rory Law will make sure to pursue for additional damages which will cover the economic losses, anguish, grief and the attorney fees you have to pay to ensure proper settlement of your insurance claim. If you have been denied a claim or your insurance company is trying to play down your claim to a much lesser amount then you need to get in touch with Rory Law immediately to explore your options of a legal recourse that will surely provide justice to you.

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