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Pedestrians getting hit by a vehicle even at a slow speed is catastrophic for unprotected pedestrians. In case the accident occurs at a high speed death, permanent disability or serious injuries requiring months of treatment and rehabilitation become inevitable. Faulty roads, crossovers, potholes, might also be a cause of accident that might have a pedestrian sustain injuries that require a lot of medical treatment and expenses. In case you or one of your loved ones is injured or losses a life because of a pedestrian accident Rory law id the best attorney to contact. Being seasoned in getting justice for people injured or losing their lives to pedestrian accidents makes Rory law the number one attorney.

The various causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Movement during rush hours is the most dangerous for pedestrians since both pedestrians and motorists are in a hurry to get to their destinations. Drivers and pedestrians are aggressive at this time of the day and lose focus making reckless decisions which might cause an accident and injuries to the pedestrians.

Deficiencies in the infrastructure might be a major reason for pedestrian accidents. Intersections not marked properly, no crosswalks and faulty or no traffic lights become a reason of confusion as to who has the right of way. This might result in the hitting of one of the pedestrians due to negligence of one of the drivers on the road.

Motorists frequently do not adhere to the speed limits fixed in residential areas which might have a high number of people, kids and senior citizens walking on the sidewalks and roads. Maneuvering and stopping a vehicle becomes difficult in case someone runs from the sidewalk into the road which is a dangerous situation in times of high speed and might cause a pedestrian accident.

A pedestrian might be under the influence of liquor or drugs and might exhibit dangerous maneuvers while walking on the road which might cause him or her to come in contact with a high speed moving vehicle and get hurt in the process. Such impaired pedestrians might try and cross a road in spite of the road being busy with heavy traffic.

There might be a collision between two vehicles and both or one of the vehicles might get out of the road and enter the sidewalk where pedestrians might be walking thus hitting them with their sheer weight. Such accidents cause multiple injuries and in many cases fatalities. A few drivers might be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and might hit an unsuspecting pedestrian minding his own business on the road.

Types of injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident

The pedestrian walking on the road being hit by tons of metal is surely going to be in bad shape after the accident. Cuts and lacerations are just minor and common result of being hit by a vehicle after the pedestrian hits the ground and hits his face on the hard surface. Infections and scarring after a pedestrian accident is quite common. Back and neck injuries might be sustained even after being hit by a slow moving vehicle which might paralyze or restrict the movement of the pedestrian for life. A lot of medical intervention and rehabilitation might be required to get the person back to normal life. Loss of limbs, head and brain damage, broken bones and in many cases wrongful death of an individual might be caused because of a pedestrian accident due to the negligence of a motorist or even a third party that is involved in the upkeep of roads or is responsible for the accident caused. Rory law will make sure that you are amply compensated for the injuries or the wrongful death that has been caused to you or one of your loved ones.

What to do in case you or ne of your loved one is the victim of a Pedestrian Accident

You need to seek medical help first and foremost in case you are involved as a victim in a pedestrian accident. Next you need to call the police and the law enforcing agencies. You need to make sure that the police has your side of the story recorded on paper and you have a copy of the same. If possible get a few photographs of the accident scene since they will be of help in case you need to go to court for compensation.

Role of Rory law in a pedestrian accident

On cases where the pedestrians were minding their own business and were involved in an accident injured badly Rory Law will ensure to fix the responsibility of the accident on the erring party and make them pay for the medical expenses you have incurred on the treatment. In cases of wrongful death Rory law will make sure that the family or dependents of the deceased are compensated amply by the insurance company or the agency whose negligence caused the accident. Rory law has enough credentials expertise and standing to make sure that justice is delivered to each of its clients who pose their faith in this law firm.

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