Premises Liability

Have you slipped and injured yourself on someone else’s property where you went on some business or as a guest and have sustained injuries that required a lot of medical intervention and high hospital bills? You need not worry as Rory Law will make sure that you don’t have to face any financial hardships because of your medical expenses. The fall is likely a result of hazardous conditions on the property created due to the negligence of the property owner or maybe due to natural consequences. The fall might be a result of slipping on water, ice or snow or it might be as a result of change in flooring, poor lighting or some other hazardous condition on their property.

There are many reasons for a slip and fall however the injuries that one suffers might sometimes be life threatening. Loss of life, limbs, mobility, pay, peace of mind are common aftermaths of a slip and fall.

Reasons for slip and fall where compensation can be claimed

A slip and fall accident might occur anywhere – In a public bathroom, at a gym where you might have gone to exercise your body. At grocery stores where you might have gone to buy your daily needs and fell down because of a cluttered floor. In a shopping mall, at a bar or a restaurant where you had gone with your friends and family. There are chances that you might have a slip and fall at one of your friend’s or neighbor’s house while visiting them. Rory Law will make sure to prove the liability of the property owner in case he has not been able to maintain his property which caused the slip and fall and injuries to you.

There are numerous factors that can be attributed to a slip and fall. These factors could have been controlled and eradicated by the property owner. Unstable surfaces are a big reason for slips and falls. The owner of a property needs to take care of floors, sidewalks and patios to provide a smooth and safe walking surface for visitors. Loose cracked and rotten tiles, floorboards and wooden planks are yet another big reason for a person to slip and fall in case the property owner fails to maintain them. These small factors might lead to unpredictable situations and falls that might cause grievous injuries to a person.

A property owner needs to take care of the fencing in and around his property especially when there are dangerous elements lurking around. The dangerous elements might be a swimming pool, sharp instruments stored in the property or power tools that might be kept for selling by a business. Fencing needs to be there to stop kids and unsuspecting visitors from injuring themselves since the onus of responsibility of the injuries will fall on the property owner in case there is no fencing.

Spilled liquids make the surface slippery, this is a big reason for people taking a fall and injuring themselves in bars and restaurants along with other business establishments that might be selling liquids, chemicals or liquid based detergents and cleaning products. Warning posts for wet floors and adequate cleaning arrangements need to be set up by property owners to make sure no one falls on the spilled liquids, in case they fail to do that and someone falls the property owner will have to compensate the victim of the fall which of course will be facilitated by Rory Law for the victim.

In case proper railings are not installed on stairs or they have been constructed in a faulty manner or liquid has been spilled on the stairs and someone takes a fall on these stairs then the property owner will be held liable for the injuries and the medical expenses and loss of pay needs to be borne by the property owner.

Common Injuries in a slip and fall case

A slip and fall might look to be non-serious superficially however in many cases the injuries sustained might vary from light injuries that surely require medical intervention to serious injuries that might cause disability for life and sometimes even wrongful death. Rory Law attorneys will be the best bet to fight for the compensation and trauma you have gone through. A few of the injuries and problems one might face while taking a fall after slipping in someone else’s property might be sprained ankle, dislocation, dental injuries, serious cuts and bruises, fractured fingers and bones. More serious falls might lead to back injuries, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, disc dislocation, shoulder or other joint dislocation, internal organ injuries, internal bleeding, torn ligaments. All these injuries require long medical treatment and a lot of expenses are incurred while undergoing treatment along with the loss of pay you suffer.

Assigning liability in a slip and fall case is important to claim compensation

Rory Law will make sure to fix liability on the property owner and claim compensation for the damages you have gone through. This is done by establishing a few facts before the court. Rory Law will prove that the property owner owed you a legal duty and breached the duty. The breach was the legal cause of injuries you had suffered on the property owner’s premises.

What to do in case you or your family member slipped and fell on someone’s property

In case you suffer injuries after taking a fall on someone else’s property the first thing you need to do is to seek treatment from a doctor. Do not take your injuries lightly since they might turn into big problems late on in your life which might affect your mobility, normal lifestyle and sometimes might turn into life threatening problems. Many injuries are not readily apparent for example a head injury or an injured spine.

Have your injuries recorded by the doctor where you are seeking treatment since this record will be crucial while seeking compensation from the erring party. Thus you need to go to the doctor for two reasons one to get treatment for the injuries sustained and two for your future financial solvency. Rory Law will make sure to talk to the manager of the property where you have taken the fall and sustained injuries.

If possible take down a detailed account of the incident with the location specifics. In case someone is accompanying you ask them to take photographs of the accident scene. Note down the names of the witnesses around along with that of the property manager. Provide all these details to Rory Law and continue with your medical treatment since Rory Law will take care of the legal aspects for you.

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