Construction Accidents

The most lucrative business in the world right now is that of construction. Millions of workers are employed in this industry even after being categorized as a hazardous job. Serious accidents are a common occurrence on construction sites resulting in serious injuries, long term disability, and permanent disability and in some cases even death. A worker or a passerby working or coming in contact with a construction site might meet an accident. The Employers, general contractors and subcontractors are legally responsible for implementing the safety measures and meeting the expenses on the medical treatment and compensating the injured person or the family of the person who might have lost his life to construction related accidents.

Workplace Accidents

Why you need a construction site accidents lawyer?

The claims might be a difficult process due to labor laws. Thus you need a construction site accidents lawyer to ensure that you are evenly compensated for the financial loss you are going to bear due to medical expenses to improve your quality of life.

Cost of treatment higher than claim allowed in Workers compensation:

Generally the treatment cost from construction accidents costs more than the amount allowed for a settlement on a worker’s compensation claim. The employer will try and settle the claim inside the workers’ compensation inspite of the fact that it might burn a hole in the pocket of the injured person. A construction site accidents lawyer will ensure that you are served justice and compensated not according to the worker’s compensation claim but according to the actual expenses you are accruing in the process of your treatment. A majority of the injuries on construction sites occur due to negligence and failure to meet safety standards as laid down by the law. This is exactly what your construction site accidents lawyer is going to prove in the court of law and get you your deserved claim.

Construction injuries might take place owing to a lot of factors found on construction sites:

Falls – This is the leading cause of injuries within the construction industry worldwide. Any area that rises above 6 feet needs to have a fall protection legally. A majority of construction companies and contractors fail to meet this criterion. Safety nets, harnesses and guardrails need to be provided to construction workers who work at a height of more than 6 feet.

Motor Vehicle Accidents – This is the second most common causes of accidents on a construction site. All vehicles working on a construction site need to have a braking and emergency braking system which needs to be checked from time to time by the contractor or sub contractor. Audible warning systems along with power windshield wipers need to be a part of the vehicles. Human negligence or mechanical failure of the machinery might lead to serious accidents which require the services of a construction site accidents lawyer.

Other Accidents – Construction activities involve a lot of excavation, transporting of material, electricity, gas and a few toxic substances which are a common reason for human injuries leading to disability – temporary and permanent and in some cases even death. A falling object on a construction site might cause death due to the sheer weight and force of the falling object. Electrocutions, falling on wet surfaces, contact with unmarked and exposed wiring are just some of the common causes of accidents on a construction site. The treatment cost many times goes much beyond the claim of the claim allowed according to worker’s compensation claim.

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