Wrongful Death

A personal injury case is quite a painful experience for the person who has sustained injuries. The sufferings are in the form of emotional, physical and psychological trauma along with an uncertain future in case a catastrophic injury has taken place. A more severe result of a personal injury or accident can be a wrongful death of an individual. Accidents – minor or major, might lead to deaths. The cause of a majority of accidents is negligence. A wrongful death needs to be compensated by the party or person at fault whose negligence was the cause of the accident. Rory Law with its years of experience and a team of professionally qualified attorneys is the best option for families seeking compensation and damages in cases of wrongful death.

What might cause a wrongful death?

There are many factors that are responsible for wrongful death. Automobile accidents are a major reason for wrongful deaths since motorist might be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or might not be paying attention and may hit another vehicle or person thus causing death. Apart from automobile accidents there are several other reasons and circumstances that might lead to a wrongful death. Below is a list of such reasons and circumstances. The list might not cover all factors, in case you have lost a loved one you need to talk to Rory Law to find out if your case and circumstances qualify for a wrongful death case.

1. Motorcycle accidents 2. Truck Accidents 3. Bicycle accidents 4. Pedestrian accidents 5. Workplace accidents 6. Job related accidents 7. Dog Bites 8. Slip and fall injuries 9. Medical Malpractice 10. Dangerous and defective products 11. Boating accidents

When to file a wrongful death claim

In cases where the death has been caused by an accident and someone else is responsible for the accident or there has been a negligence on the part of a person agency or organization due to which the accident has taken place then you have full right to file a claim for a wrongful death. Harmful intent on the part of a person to cause death of an individual is also a solid ground to file for a wrongful death claim. The person filing the lawsuit needs to be dependent financially, emotionally and physically for support on the person deceased in the accident.

Time limit to file a wrongful death claim

You need to file a wrongful death claim within two years of the death of an individual in an accident. If one of your loved one had died because of medical malpractice then you need to file a wrongful death claim within three years from the date of injury or discovery of injury which led to the death of the individual. However claims against government bodies have a short time span of six months to file the claim from the date of the death. You need to adhere to the time frame and contact Rory Law as soon as you get the information that your loved one has succumbed to the injuries that were a result of an accident.

Damages Rory Law will get for you in a wrongful death

Two types of damages are awarded in case of a wrongful death; Pecuniary and Punitive. Pecuniary damages are awarded for the loss of financial support and loss of services created due to the loss of a loved one on whom you are dependent for financial support and other needs. Legal medical and funeral costs and interest on these amounts from the day of death till the award is what Rory Law will try to get for you in case you decide to file a wrongful death claim suit through them. Rory Law will best determine the pecuniary loss suffered by you due to the loss of your loved one based on the age and life expectancy of the deceased love one. Apart from that the future potential earning and the financial situation of the family of the deceased will be taken into account by attorneys at Rory Law while deciding on the pecuniary loss calculation.

Punitive damages are often awarded in cases of deaths resulting from malicious intent. Punitive damages are generally awarded to punish the defendant for his or her actions that led to the death of your loved one. Punitive damages are not appropriate everywhere and in every case. Rory Law will make sure to go through the case deeply and decided whether punitive damages should be included or not.

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