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Bright, professional, creative attorney. Rory is a passionate, professional attorney that will fight for what is right. He is creative and extremely hard working. He will go to bat for his clients and hit a grand slam!! Rory made sure I received the help that I need and for this, my family and I are forever grateful. I will always recommend him to anyone that is in need of attorney services!! -Adi”

Rory delivers what he promises. I was in a pretty bad shape after being injured in an accident last year. My car was totaled and I had to spend almost 10 days in the hospital and another month recouping at home.One of my co-workers who knew Rory suggested me to talk to him and that was the best thing I did in that span of time. He is the most professional individuals I have seen. Gave me a patient ear while making sure that I did not miss any detail about the accident that could have been vital for him representing me. After having the details he gave me an overview of how he was going to pursue my claim. Things went quite the way as Rory had suggested and he had me covered for my hospital bills and the days I spent at home. I did not spend a single dime for the whole painful period I had to undergo thanks to Rory and his team. – Roy”

He’s the BEST attorney in San Diego! Rory was referred to me after I was bitten several times by 2 dogs. He was amazing. And took great care of my case. He’s a stellar attorney!! Unlike most attorneys, he would call me weekly, took the time to fully understand all the details and went above and beyond to fight for what I deserved. Words cannot express how amazing his legal knowledge was with my case. He’s so smart! He is tenacious, very knowledgeable, well versed and on top of all the details, not to mention the team of Legal eagles he employs.I will continue to use his services for all my matter because he’s just that great! Go with him and you won’t be disappointed! – Janelle”

Awesome Attorney! I hired Rory for a personal injury case when someone ran into the back of me. I was injured and he worked with me and the doctors and I was able to feel great, walk away with money, and have my car repaired better than before!!! When you hire Rory – HE IS ON IT!!! – Ana”

Absolutely Amazing. One of the only people to help me. This lawyer and his paralegal Pamela were amazing. They helped me when no one else would. Also referred me to the attorney best suited for my case, and still represented me ongoing because this is the type of lawyer he is. Was given absolutely critical information I needed and was not getting from anyone else. I’m in Fresno, CA and they are expanding out here to the central valley. Based in Tulare County and San Diego, they are expanding and I’m glad they are and hope lawyers like Rory and Paralegals like Pamela keep expanding. Keep contacting this attorney if you need help. He has expertise in so many different fields and will get the job done and has a network of friends that will if he cannot go as far with you. I recommend Rory to anyone who needs legal advise or defense. And his paralegal Pamela is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. Don’t skip this team of people ready to stand your ground with and for you. – Austin”